I will be like my teacher


A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher. – Luke 6:40

The first question that comes to my mind is – who is my teacher? I know that I struggle with my walk with Jesus even though I spend a lot of time with Him. I cannot imagine how other followers live who have decided to spend their time doing anything and everything other than spending time with Jesus on Sunday and a possible time or two during the week.

I think it helps me when I look at Jesus and say these words – “You are my Master, I am your disciple.” When I look at my relationship with Jesus in this manner I am fully engaged to learn from Him and to follow Him. Jesus has taught me everything that He has practiced. He does not asked me to do anything that He has not done Himself. My being fully trained lies in coming as near to Jesus as I can so that I can be as much like Him as possible.