What is seen in the occasions


King David’s reaction to Saul entering the cave where he and his men were hiding amazes  me – always has. To see David’s turmoil in thought and deed has always intrigued me. To the normal eye, it would seem that God might have given Saul over to David so that David could begin his reign as king – he was not getting any younger. To men following David, it definitely seemed providential that Saul was at their mercy.

Behold, this day your eyes have seen how the Lord gave you today into my hand in the cave. And some told me to kill you, but I spared you.c]”>[c] I said, ‘I will not put out my hand against my lord, for he is the Lord‘s anointed.’ – 1 Samuel 24:10  ESV

The issue was not killing or sparing a life, the issue today becomes the same as with David – how does God want me to use this occasion?

David knew the law – eye for eye – and he also knew that God took life seriously and does not forget or take things lightly. He also knew that God made people in His image and anything done to His image was being done to Him. David knew and then lived out his conscience – he could never justify putting his hands on the Lord’s anointed even if that anointed one was cruel, wrong and had no cause for being so.

I think about the workplace as one of the roughest parts of relationships. In particular, those who serve over us. This should be a great time to ask God how He wants to use this occasion.

Saul had his failings. He seemed not to have any character. He was easily swayed by events and by people.

And David said to Saul, “Why do you listen to the words of men who say, ‘Behold, David seeks your harm’? – 1 Samuel 24:9  ESV

He also demonstrated an incredible, instant repentance that was so deep and yet, unfortunately, so short lived.

I am challenged today to forgive those who have broken my trust. David demonstrated what forgiveness looks like. If anyone had a reason to be against someone in both their soul and in their being, it was David.

So I am back at the beginning again – not every opportunity that comes my way is of God. Not everything that would give me personal gain is to be accepted, and definitely cannot be so simply believed as God sent. However tempting an open path to success may come as a result of my doing or with an opportunity of my choosing, I need to understand that it does not mean that it is necessarily in harmony with God’s will.

It means that I still need to examine and prayerfully seek God’s purpose. The test is one of faith, discernment, blessings or a trap from the evil one.

Psalm 57 reflects about David’s time in the cave.

Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me,
    for in you my soul takes refuge;
in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge,
    till the storms of destruction pass by.
 I cry out to God Most High,
    to God who fulfills his purpose for me. – Psalm 57:1-2  ESV

I think David put the burden of his purpose back on God instead of on his own ability. This teaches me to honour God’s process. He will fulfill His promise for me.



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